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So many golfers are feeling frustrated and hopeless because they have tried everything but they still don’t have resolutions to obstacles they face in their golfing experience.

Barb Moxness is a leader and specialist in bringing simple solutions to difficult issues golfers face. Through her writings and videos she brings HOPE to golfers that every obstacle is solvable. Reading her works and watching her videos will revolutionize how you play the game of golf!


Golf From The Inside Out by Barbara MoxnessThis is a book of redemption. Barbara Moxness wrote this book based on her personal experience playing professionally and her experiences teaching all level of golfers for over 25 years. Barb had experiences herself and worked with many golfers who were debilitated by complicated ideas about how to play golf. She wrote the book to help golfers understand principles of how to play golf with simplicity and freedom that she has experienced.

"Golf From the Inside Out" spells out a PROCESS that addresses the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of golf to help every golfer become a player instead of a prisoner of swing thoughts. This process has been proven in Barb’s golf game and the games of her students with definitive and measurable improvements. The principles written in the book are told with humility, wisdom and insight that readers will appreciate.


Managing and Curing the YIPS Permanently by Barbara MoxnessThe YIPS is one of the most demoralizing problems golfers face. So many golfers have tried many solutions to solve this issue but still experience the paralysis of the YIPS. "Managing and Curing the YIPS Permanently" booklet and instructional video brings HOPE to golfers that there is a way to manage or cure this issue. It explains how to access the God-Given athletic skills each of possess and play golf with ease and simplicity with no YIPS.


The TRUTH about the YIPS - VideoThis short video, "The TRUTH about the YIPS", is an introduction to "Managing and Curing the YIPS Permanently" instructional video.



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Golf Professionals are Talking

From: Betsy King
LPGA and World Golf Hall of Fame
Winner of 34 LPGA Tournaments including 6 Major Championships and Founder of Golf Fore Africa

"During my years of playing competitive golf on the LPGA Tour I tried to use one simple swing thought and positive pictures. These things gave me the ability to simply play the game and stay in a good process where I could be successful. Barb's book will help you to do the same thing. She helps you to take control of your golf game and process that will create an environment to play with simplicity, freedom and enjoyment. She also helps you to understand how you can create responses on the golf course that can make a positive difference in your golf game and even your life. By reading this book you too can learn what it takes to become a Champion!"

From: AJ Bonar
AJ Golf School, San Diego, CA

“Barb Moxness may be the finest combination of great player and great teacher we have seen in the modern era of golf. Her book has clearly shown the path for golfers of all skill levels to improve their games. This is one you have to have in your golf library. Well done, Barb!”

From: Craig Waryan
PGA Master Professional

“Golf From the Inside Out” is spectacular Barb! This book is exactly what is needed not only for the golf community but for anyone that would care to elevate their lives to a new level. The blend of your personal applications and the principals outlined in the book combined with Biblical truths make for an easy read and quick application. A wonderful formula for lasting success!”

From: Cindy Miller
Class A LPGA Professional and former LPGA Tour Player
Certified Professional Behavior Analyst
Ranked in the top 100 Teachers in America

“In her book, Barb gives the reader a unique perspective on how to play better golf and have more fun. She starts with the observation that most golfers are slaves to the mechanics of the swing. Then she presents a process for the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of golf that will help each student improve and play with more freedom and simplicity. She is right on target. I highly recommend this book to all golfers.”

From: Jody Nickel
2011/2012 President
Women’s Southern California Golf Association

“Finally a book with sound, simple solutions to help any level golfer get the most out of their game without reinventing their swing! This is the best of the many books I have read that offers help with the mental game while also providing the reader with easily understood principles of ball striking and golf club design. It breaks down the mystery of what occurs when you make a good shot and helps you understand when your results are not what you expected or hoped for. It gives you a ‘process’ that is simple and allows you the freedom to play without suffering from ‘paralysis of analysis’. It is a book that will forever change your outlook on how to go out and play golf with far greater enjoyment!”