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Barbara Moxness Wins LPGA T&CP National Senior Championship

Barbara Moxness Wins Masters #8 Senior Division!

It’s been six years since Barbara Moxness won the Senior division at the 2012 LPGA T&CP National Championship, but in her first time playing Pinehurst No. 8 she was firing on all cylinders and won by 11 shots. Moxness, who played on the LPGA Tour between 1978 and 1986, had just one bogey on the … Read more

Golf Swing Thoughts: Too Much Information!!!

Golf Swing Thoughts: Too Much Information!!

I just completed another Moxie Golf Simply Play Simply event for women. What a great day!! They all had a great time and walked away with improvement, enjoyment and hope by de-cluttering and simplifying their golfing experience and thoughts. What I have found over the years of doing these events and teaching is that what … Read more

Announcing the 2017 State of Your Game Golf Retreats for Women

The State of Your Game Golf Retreat At Black Diamond Ranch

Give yourself a present for Christmas! The new STATE OF YOUR GAME Golf Retreat is a wonderful opportunity to: Ease your frustration and gain enjoyment Learn to de-clutter and simplify your golfing experience Gain distance, control and consistency Discover your God-Given natural ability Learn to play golf with freedom If any of these objectives resonate … Read more

Announcing the 7 R’s Women’s Golf Retreat

Florida Women's Golf Retreat - Coming this Fall

Announcing the 7 R’s Women’s Golf RetreatAt Black Diamond Ranch in Lecanto Florida The 7 R’s Women’s Golf Retreat is unlike any golf retreat you have attended. Designed to help you: RefreshRenewRejuvenateRestoreReleaseReviveRemain You will see positive results in your golf game as you: Discover your God-Given Natural AbilitiesEase FrustrationsLearn to De-ClutterGain Control and ConfidenceFind Freedom … Read more


Control Golf Club

One of the things that I believe all golfers are looking for in their golf experience is CONTROL. I believe we don’t want to feel like we are controlled by the “golfing gods” or are a victim in our golf games but we want to feel like we have some sense of control. We really … Read more

Golfing Perfection vs Process

Golfing Perfection vs Process

There are so many frustrated golfers in the golfing arena because they aren’t achieving the level of play they want. There are also many golfers who experience some form of YIPS in their golfing experience. WHY? From my personal playing and teaching experience I believe it is because we as golfers are trying to be … Read more

A Student’s Perspective on the Moxie Golf Academy Experience

From my experience, I believe that the Moxie Golf Academy would benefit any level of golfer.

Over the years I have tried to convey what the Moxie Golf Academy is all about. But many times my explanations of this Moxie Experience are inadequate in expressing the wonderful transformation that happens in a student’s golf game and life. So rather than me talking, I thought it would be helpful to have a … Read more

The Cure for the YIPS

Individual Golf Lessons with Barbara Moxness

During the past few weeks there has been chatter on the Internet and focus on the Golf Channel about the YIPS. These have originated from the speculation that Tiger may have the short-game YIPS. I think Tiger may have quieted that voice last week when he chipped in, but the YIPS are still a problem … Read more

Controlling The Golf Club Creates Good Music

Control of the golf club makes good music!

I see so many golfers who feel like VICTIMS in their golfing experience. Do you? Most golfers feel like victims because they don’t experience  CONTROL in their golf games. These golfers feel like the “Golfing Gods” are against them. Do You? Of course we all have days that are harder or less successful than others, … Read more

Future Concept for the NEW Moxie Golf Academy Website

arb is the ultimate “Golf Whisperer” because she knows how to embrace the emotional side of golfing, and accelerate performance by appealing to the intellectual side as well. She’s a gift to the world’s greatest game.

I am so excited about the new Moxie Golf Academy Website!!!  The new design is fresh and easy to maneuver around to find what you are looking for.  The new website also has great pictures and information about myself, the Moxie Golf Academy programs, success stories, inspiration and Black Diamond Ranch.  There are also books, … Read more