Success Stories

"Barb is the ultimate “Golf Whisperer” because she knows how to embrace the emotional side of golfing, and accelerate performance by appealing to the intellectual side as well. She’s a gift to the world’s greatest game.

"Barb is inspiring, because she learned to play her very best golf at a world class level later in life. While others are losing their edge, Barb found hers—and she is masterful at teaching those secrets to others.

"Barb plays an artful, skillful game of golf that most human beings can relate to: she does not bomb 320 yard drives or hit 165 yard sand wedges. Instead: she hits fairways and greens and makes putts that have her routinely scoring under par. That’s what mere mortals want to do. Barb can show anyone how to do that!

"Barb’s suggestions mean something: she has made the important putts under pressure to win. She’s succeeded—and failed—at hitting the high pressure shot over water in the final round. And she’s battled through the dip of self-doubt and discouragement to grow into a lovely, patient and very inspiring teacher.

"The best part about working with Barb is she will become your friend."

Paul Batz
Inspirational Leadership Coach
Founder & President, Good Leadership Enterprises

Pat S: "I have taken many lessons over the years and as I matured in my golfing expedition I began to request of the various teachers a simple, repeatable swing. I finally found the answer when I came to the Moxie Golf Academy two-day retreat. KEEP THE HANDLE MOVING!! It was there that I gained an eye-opening knowledge into my own golfing psyche that has enabled me to control negative thoughts and destructive frustration. Here’s to “free swinging” golf!"

JoAnn B: "The Moxie Golf Experience helped me to think more positively and more simply. I learned to de-clutter. You are a great teacher and easy to understand."

Joyce P: "Barb’s teaching style and knowledge are extraordinary. The Moxie Golf Experience helped me realize we all have our own style. I take with me control, encouragement and de-cluttering my golf game."

Mary F: "Huge Improvement. Can’t say enough thanks for imparting your knowledge and skill of the game. I love how it applies to life as well. Thank you for opening a thousand doors."

Holly M: "What I learned about myself from this is experience is, “I CAN”!!!

Laurie F and Kathy O: "We ordered your book and it was just the inspiration we needed in our annual 4-Ball Semi-final match. We placed your book in our cart as a visual reminder to “Simply be in the present, visualize and trust”! Hooray! We are in the Final Match again this year!"

Caroline C: "I have read your book and really loved what it gave me. My golf game is expanding again and I have so much peace with my game now. I am loving the sport again!!! Thank you so much for writing this book…it will be a big help to all."

Anette P:"I got to read your book and went out Sunday to try and put what I learned into action. I went with the “see, feel it and hit it” concept and what a difference it made. I shot a 70 with 6 birdies that included a stretch of three holes with consecutive birdies and that has never happened before. What a difference it makes to take out all the other thoughts and just focus on the shot at hand."

Kevin C: "I am enjoying your book. It is very well written."

Jennifer P: "I have been struggling with the YIPS for several years. I tried every kind of putter, grip and method out there! Finally, I found Barb! I read her book and watched her video and I am now able to manage my YIPS and have fun playing golf again. I have even won two golf tournaments since I tried the Moxie Golf Process. I still miss the occasional 3 footer, but I can get right back into the athletic mindset the Barb explains and the dreaded YIPS go away."

Moxie Golf Academy students gain confidence, consistency and control when they attend a Moxie Golf event or acquire and study the material Barb has published. When golfers experience the Moxie Golf Process they become believers and gain HOPE for their golfing future.

Moxie Golf Academy Success Stories

Moxie Golf Academy Success Stories

Moxie Golf Academy Success Stories

Moxie Golf Academy Success Stories

Moxie Golf Academy Success Stories