LPGA and Legends Tour Professional

LPGA and Legends Tour Professional

2 day Golf Academy

Awaken the brain-body connection!

Barb Moxness

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The Moxie Golf Process:

It's easy to learn, and gets immediate results!

Are you frustrated with your game? Do you feel like you've tried everything and your game just doesn't improve? Are you fighting the YIPS? Are you looking for long lasting solutions for your golf game but haven’t found any?

The Moxie Golf Process will bring hope and help!

The Moxie Golf Process - Lessons and Schools with Barbara MoxnessThe Moxie Golf Process is the brain child of Barbara Moxness, LPGA and Legends Tour Professional and a Golf Digest Top Teacher. The Moxie Golf Process helps golfers rediscover their God-given athletic ability -- instead of focusing on swing mechanics -- by offering simple, easy to learn solutions to golfers experiencing all sorts of obstacles. Most students see immediate results! The success stories are amazing!

From my experience, I believe that the Moxie Golf Academy would benefit any level of golfer.
...I couldn’t believe how easy Barb made the golf swing seem. I felt like I had been set free! When we played 9 holes after lunch together she watched and gave advice on every shot I made and helped me with club selection and course management..."

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Connect The Dots With Mini-Mox

Connect the Dots with Mini Mox - by Barbara Moxness

Do you want to make your golf game more simple and fun? Here is an illustrated golf book for all golfers to help ease frustration, play better and enjoy the game! Connect The Dots With Mini-Mox is designed to be a quick and fun read that will help golfers of all abilities attain success and enjoyment in their golfing experience.

Managing and Curing the YIPS Permanently

MANAGING AND CURING THE YIPS PERMANENTLY I understand what causes the YIPS and I know how to help you manage them or even find a cure. There is HOPE!



Golf From the Inside Out

Golf From The Inside Out - by Barbara MoxnessLearn simple principles that address the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of golf that help you advance in your golfing experience and find greater enjoyment. You will also find solutions for those recurring nightmare golf shots and gain confidence. You will enjoy lasting success both on and off the golf course. It’s all in my book Golf From the Inside Out.

How to Transition to Anchorless Putting

Easy Transition to Anchorless Putting - by Barbara Moxness - Download Now!If you are changing to a short putter or want to keep using your long or belly putter, download my complimentary eBook "Transition from the Anchored Putter" on how to make the transition easy and comply with new USGA rules.


Success Stories

JoAnn B: The Moxie Golf Experience helped me to think more positively and more simply. I learned to de-clutter. You are a great teacher and easy to understand.

Joyce P: Barb’s teaching style and knowledge are extraordinary. The Moxie Golf Experience helped me realize we all have our own style. I take with me control, encouragement and de-cluttering my golf game.