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Simply Play Simply

Moxie Golf Academy is dedicated to helping golfers of all abilities simply play the game of golf with enjoyment and confidence.  There is soooo much information in the golfing world that is cluttering the minds of golfers and preventing them from playing the game efficiently and with enjoyment.  To much information creates “paralysis from analysis”, … Read more


By clicking on the insert you can see swing thoughts that many of us have been taught to use in our golfing experience.  But did you know that when you are thinking or using the left brain your neuromotor system works at just 3-5 meters per second.  Thinking creates “PARALYSIS FROM ANALYSIS”  What is the solution?  Since … Read more

The Power of the Mind

Golf is such a mind game.  It has been said that 99% of golf is in our mind.  From my experience of playing the game competitively I would say that is the truth.  I might even say that golf is 99.9% mental.  Why?  Because what we think affects our bodies, our actions and ultimately our … Read more

The Power of Simplicity

Over the years of my golfing career I thought that if I knew more I would get better.  But I found out the opposite is true.  The more I knew about the mechanics of the golf swing, the more cluttered my mind became and the worse I played.  So Moxie Golf is all about de-cluttering … Read more