Simply Play Simply

Moxie Golf Academy is dedicated to helping golfers of all abilities simply play the game of golf with enjoyment and confidence.  There is soooo much information in the golfing world that is cluttering the minds of golfers and preventing them from playing the game efficiently and with enjoyment.  To much information creates “paralysis from analysis”, frustration and eventually quitting the game of golf.  I see that all the time with my students.  So at the Moxie Golf Academy we work with each student to de-clutter swing thoughts and help each student play freely and athletically.  We have had events to help women Simply Play Simply at Morgan Run in Rancho Santa Fe, California and at Black Diamond Ranch in Lecanto, Florida.  Moxie Golf Academy is interested in making a positive difference in the golfing experience and lives of each golfer.  I hope that many women can join us for these types of events.  It will be a gift to all who attend!

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