The Power of Simplicity

Over the years of my golfing career I thought that if I knew more I would get better.  But I found out the opposite is true.  The more I knew about the mechanics of the golf swing, the more cluttered my mind became and the worse I played.  So Moxie Golf is all about de-cluttering our minds and making things simple.

  Yesterday I was privileged to teach a woman by the name of Sandy, who has been playing for a while and fairly experienced in the game of golf.  She experienced the Moxie Golf Simplicity and here are some of her comments:  “I am stunned by the process because it seemed so simple and easy, but it made a huge difference.  The process seemed subtle but is it not–it is HUGE!!  Now I feel like I could get really good. I was shocked at how much better I got in a short time and the fact that I was able to take it to the golf course was powerful!  The Moxie Golf Process Works!”

The Moxie Golf Process is simple but Powerful!  It is guaranteed to improve your game with Simplicity!!


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