By clicking on the insert you can see swing thoughts that many of us have been taught to use in our golfing experience.  But did you know that when you are thinking or using the left brain your neuromotor system works at just 3-5 meters per second.  Thinking creates “PARALYSIS FROM ANALYSIS”  What is the solution?  Since our hands are 42% of our brain power they are the dominant player in controlling the golf club and our golf game.  By using our hands we tap into our right brain which gives us the programs of visualization, feel, proprioception, kinesthetics and creativity.  When we use those programs our neuromotor system works at 125 meters per second.  That is an athletic mode which will create better golf.  So next time you play DE-CLUTTER the SWING THOUGHTS!  Let your hands control the golf club and your golf game.  SEE IT, FEEL IT AND JUST HIT THE SHOT.  Try it and let me know your results.  The Moxie Process of DE-CLUTTER will help you have more fun, confidence and create better results.  I guarantee it!


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