Controlling The Golf Club Creates Good Music

Control of the golf club makes good music!

I see so many golfers who feel like VICTIMS in their golfing experience. Do you? Most golfers feel like victims because they don’t experience  CONTROL in their golf games. These golfers feel like the “Golfing Gods” are against them. Do You? Of course we all have days that are harder or less successful than others, but the good news is that we can take control of our golf games each time we play and not feel like a victim. The golf club in our hands and what we do with it is what we control. In fact, that is what needs to be intentional and the only factor in golf for which we need to take responsibility.

42% of our brain allocation is toward our hands.

In my book, Golf From The Inside Out, I talk about this principle extensively, but I want to just put some simple principles from the book in this blog.  So to understand a bit of this principle we need to know that 42% of our brain allocation is toward our hands and only 5% is toward gross motor skills or large muscle groups. Controlling the golf club with our hands is what our brain wants us to do. So the more I feel the club, control the club, and swing the club with my hands the more control I have in my golf game.

How do I do that? Simply by putting my dominant hand on the grip so it mirrors the club face. That hand makes the club face go where I want the ball to go. From there I simply have both hands swing the handle of the club forward and hit the ball toward my target.

Playing golf is like playing a piano.

I tell my students that playing golf is like playing a piano. The better my hands are playing the piano the better the music. My golf club is like the piano and the better I control it the better my golf game becomes – the better music I play. My responsibility in golf is to train my hands to control the club and when I do that I control my golf game. No more victim!

To find out more about how you can take control of your golf game go to the Moxie Golf Academy website and read about the resources that are available to help you achieve that control and enjoyment in your golfing experience.  

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