Golfing Perfection vs Process

Golfing Perfection vs ProcessThere are so many frustrated golfers in the golfing arena because they aren’t achieving the level of play they want. There are also many golfers who experience some form of YIPS in their golfing experience. WHY?

From my personal playing and teaching experience I believe it is because we as golfers are trying to be PERFECT instead of using a PROCESS to play the game. Moxie Golf teaches a PROCESS you can manage without having to master PERFECTION! This PROCESS accesses the great God-given abilities we all possess and makes the game of golf fun to PLAY.

I have great empathy for golfers as I watch them struggle to make perfect swings yet they are not achieving success. But there is so much more to golf than a perfect swing! There is a PROCESS to enjoyment, freedom and success in all our golfing experiences.

We can control the PROCESS and not strive so hard to achieve PERFECTION.

I have experienced the difference and play the game better today than ever, you can too! PROCESS WORKS! Check out the Moxie Golf Academy website to find information and resources on how you can also learn to play the game using PROCESS instead of PERFECTION.

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