Life Changing

We have all experienced certain LIFE CHANGING things, events or times in our lives. In the last year my husband and I have definitely experienced a life changing time with the addition of a grandson to our family. Our son, Tim and wife, Kari expanded our family with their son, Hayden in August of 2018.

I really had no idea how we would react with the addition of Hayden to our lives, but what a blessing. I have heard other grandparents say it is one the best thing they have experienced in life and I thought that sounded great. But then it happened to us and now I understand what they were talking about. Our grandson has captured our hearts and we look forward to more times with him as he grows and gets older.

He has been LIFE CHANGING!


We've all experienced certain LIFE CHANGING events or times in our lives. Now my husband and I have experienced a life changing time with our new grandson.

A few years ago I wrote a book, GOLF FROM THE INSIDE OUT, which has also come to be LIFE CHANGING for many who have read it. I continue to get emails and endorsements from readers who say what a difference it has made in their golf games and lives. I had no idea how the book would be accepted when it was first published, but I knew how the concepts in it had been a LIFE CHANGING experience for me. Now that others understand the LIFE CHANGING concepts of the book, I thought it was time to highlight the book on my blog.

The book helps the reader understand how the brain/body connection is so important in playing golf and applying to life. It covers the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of golf. I have heard from readers how different sections of the book were LIFE CHANGING as they read them and at different times.

It is a book of redemption and transformation! It is a book that brings the truth about golf, which can make the game simple to play. The concepts in the book represent a life long journey that continues to bring a LIFE CHANGING adventure both on and off the golf course.

So just as other grandparents told me what a LIFE CHANGING experience being a grandparent was and now I understand, myself and other readers understand what a LIFE CHANGING book GOLF FROM THE INSIDE OUT can be for others.

I want to recommend it to you – and if you do read it – let me know what concepts in the book were LIFE CHANGING for you.

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