Bubba Makes You Think

A Golf Channel commentator said, “Bubba puts a new spin on the over-coached golf world.”   Watson, who made four straight birdies on the back nine and closed with a 4-under 68, made it all seem so SIMPLE. Maybe it’s because he has a bright pink driver. Maybe it’s because he is one of the few players who doesn’t have a swing coach, and never has.  And maybe it’s because he has the right attitude.

”I don’t play the sport for fame. I don’t try to win tournaments for fame,” Watson said. ”I don’t do any of that. … I’m just Bubba… I just want to be me and play golf.”


What an exciting Masters yesterday with Bubba Watson winning the tournament!!  He played so well and hit such great shots all without any golf lessons in his lifetime.  He learned to play his game intutitively and just hit shots and that method propelled him to hit a great shot in the play-off to win the Masters tournament.  … Read more