Golf Swing Thoughts: Too Much Information!!!

I just completed another Moxie Golf Simply Play Simply event for women. What a great day!! They all had a great time and walked away with improvement, enjoyment and hope by de-cluttering and simplifying their golfing experience and thoughts.

What I have found over the years of doing these events and teaching is that what kind of information or knowledge you have in golf matters!!! So many golfers try to play the game with perceptions and information that will not allow them to execute the shot or achieve the end result they are looking for.

But what is even more destructive is having too much knowledge or information!

(Just like this picture)

Golf Swing Thoughts: Too Much Information!!

You see, thinking is a left brained activity and the neuro-motor system only works at 3-5 meters per second when we are thinking. That means we can think faster than our body can move.

Too much information only shuts down our ability to play golf athletically. It literally creates PARALYSIS FROM ANALYSIS.

So, having too many swing thoughts – too much information – is not helping us in golf, it is hurting us. We need to get rid of the overwhelming picture of these swing thoughts!

I have had so many students that have been good players at one time and LOST it all because they tried to increase their information and knowledge and just cluttered up their minds and shut down their athleticism.

Play golf with vision, feel, and creativity.

At the Moxie Golf Academy we help golfers de-clutter all those swing thoughts and replace them with a right brained athletic process to use the golf club effectively and play golf with vision, feel, and creativity. Because in using the athletic right brain the neuro-motor system works at 125 meters per second.

Our motto is to reactively hit a golf ball toward a target with a golf club controlled by your hands.

That is what golf is about!!

A simple game we have made hard with too much knowledge and information.

You too can play simply by using all the right-brained athletic skills you already possess. Stay away from too much information/knowledge and purpose to use feel – and control the golf club with your hands to hit the golf ball. The Moxie Golf Process can show you how!

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