What an exciting Masters yesterday with Bubba Watson winning the tournament!!  He played so well and hit such great shots all without any golf lessons in his lifetime.  He learned to play his game intutitively and just hit shots and that method propelled him to hit a great shot in the play-off to win the Masters tournament.  He described his style of play as BUBBA GOLF.  I can relate to what he has said about his style of play because my method of teaching emulates that style of golf that is athletic, simple and allows each person to play their style without thinking about mechanics.  We call that MOXIE GOLF!   I believe that with Bubba winning the Masters a new era is going to open up in the golfing world that de-clutters all the mechanics and brings us back to the simple skill of just hitting a golf ball and creating golf shots.  That is what we are trying to do at MOXIE GOLF and it has been successful with our students.   MOXIE GOLF is on the cutting edge of change for the golfing world by simplifying, de-cluttering and making golf more enjoyable for each player.  BUBBA GOLF just brought HOPE to golfers with a message that we don’t have to create a perfect swing and we don’t have to have great golf mechanic knowledge.  We can use your natural abilities to hit the golf ball and create our own golf shots and golf game.  THAT IS OUR FOCUS AND GOAL AT MOXIE GOLF!  Check out MOXIE GOLF and bring that HOPE back to your golfing experience.

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