New Moxie Golf Book Published, “Connect The Dots With Mini-Mox”

Connect the Dots with Mini Mox - by Barbara Moxness

ANNOUNCING THE PUBLISHING OF THE NEW MOXIE GOLF BOOK I am excited to announce the publishing of the new Moxie Golf book entitled CONNECT THE DOTS WITH MINI-MOX. Connect The Dots With Mini-Mox is an illustrated golf instruction book for all golfers that will make golf simple and enjoyable again! This fun book takes you … Read more

A New Innovative Moxie Golf Academy Website

A New Innovative Moxie Golf Academy Website

I am very excited to announce the launch of the new innovative Moxie Golf Academy Website! The new Moxie Golf Academy website features educational and enlightening videos and writings to help every level of golfer. The new videos and writings about the putting YIPS, Anchorless putting and the Moxie Golf Process will help to set … Read more

Encouraging Results

My new book, GOLF FROM THE INSIDE OUT,  has been out for about a month.  It has gotten good reviews and results but I must say I am a bit overwhelmed with the impact that it is having.   When I first started to write the book I wrote in the Preface, “When I started … Read more