The Cure for the YIPS

The Cure for the YIPSDuring the past few weeks there has been chatter on the Internet and focus on the Golf Channel about the YIPS. These have originated from the speculation that Tiger may have the short-game YIPS. I think Tiger may have quieted that voice last week when he chipped in, but the YIPS are still a problem for many golfers and do need to be addressed.

So what are the YIPS?

Wikipedia describes the YIPS as “the apparent loss of fine motor skills without apparent explanation….Athletes affected by the YIPS demonstrate a sudden, unexplained loss of previous skills.”  I see mature and talented golfers everyday all of a sudden struggle with a chip or putt that was routine before and watch their frustration levels rise.

So what causes the YIPS?

Golfers with the YIPS generally have played the game for a long time and they are generally very smart.    Simply stated, too much information, mechanics and technical focus shuts down our athletic neuromotor system and skills.   The golfer with the YIPS is thinking way too much and so focused on perfect mechanics that the body is paralyzed. That is what happens to anyone experiencing the YIPS.


There is a cure!

That cure is simply to understand how our brain functions in allowing our athletic systems to be efficient and use a proven PROCESS that accesses it properly.  Stop thinking and start playing! Take away the mechanics and play golf with a process that uses all the athletic skills we have been given. It is that simple!

My e-booklet and video explains how to cure the YIPS through accessing those athletic skills by working with the brain efficiently. It will take you through a PROCESS to quiet the thinking and be free to play. This truth about the YIPS has been the anchor for my playing and teaching career over many years with good results. I know this truth can bring back that confidence, consistency and enjoyment the YIPS have stolen from golfers everywhere. I look forward to hearing those good reports after reading and watching the Moxie Golf cure for the YIPS.

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