A Student’s Perspective on the Moxie Golf Academy Experience

From my experience, I believe that the Moxie Golf Academy would benefit any level of golfer.

Over the years I have tried to convey what the Moxie Golf Academy is all about. But many times my explanations of this Moxie Experience are inadequate in expressing the wonderful transformation that happens in a student’s golf game and life.

So rather than me talking, I thought it would be helpful to have a student’s perspective on the Moxie Golf Academy Process and Experience.

Recently I had a student from Georgia, Beth, who came to Black Diamond Ranch and attended the Moxie Golf Academy. I will let her words speak for the Moxie Golf Academy Experience.

Here are her thoughts:

I am a 52 year old female who loves golf. I love playing golf and enjoy working on my game. I love to read about golf, watch golf and watch golf tips. I play two and sometimes three rounds of golf a week and at least half of that is competitive golf. I am currently a fifteen handicapper with a lifetime goal of breaking ten.

During the fall of 2014 I began searching for a golf school to attend. I had always considered attending Annika’s Academy or the Leadbetter Academy along with some other well-known golf schools.

One evening while surfing online I came across the Moxie Golf Academy website. I read with excitement everything on the website and was impressed. I immediately purchased the video on “How to cure the YIPS”, bought the e-book and I ordered Barb’s book, Golf From The Inside Out, from Amazon.com.

I practiced the tips in my house and then went out the following day to play…

After reading the e-book on the YIPS, I practiced the tips in my house and then went out the following day to play. To my surprise I had only twelve putts on nine holes. I couldn’t believe it! It felt so easy!

After my initial experience with the information I had learned I was convinced that I needed to meet Barb and attend her Golf Academy.

One thing that appealed to me was that she did playing lessons in addition to lessons in the practice areas. The dream appeal of it all was that Barb is a former LPGA Tour Player and a current Legends Tour Player. WOW, I would get to meet and spend time with a real player, how exciting is that!

Off to Black Diamond Ranch!

So I drove to Black Diamond Ranch and was so surprised when I got there. The entrance to the Ranch was breath-taking in itself and then I arrived at the “Villa” I was renting during my stay there. I thought I was at the wrong place. It wasn’t a villa but a beautiful home with a two-car garage. WOW!

Barb emailed me and told me to meet her at the putting green at 10 AM. My kind of hours! I saw Barb in her golf cart approach the putting green and recognized her face from the pictures on the website. She had a nice smile and that smile never left her face the whole week. I WAS EXCITED!

From that moment on I tried to absorb everything she told me. My tendency in golf has always been to over analyze my swing, so often times I would suffer from “paralysis from analysis”.

I felt like I had been set free!

I couldn’t believe how easy she made the golf swing seem. I felt like I had been set free! When we played 9 holes after lunch together she watched and gave advice on every shot I made and helped me with club selection and course management.

She taught me so much about club selection and hitting different shots using the Moxie Golf Process. I felt like I couldn’t miss! She took my mind off making the shot and had me focusing on the target.

During our time together we also had a lot of personal time where we shared with one another and I got to learn about what life was like playing professional golf on tour. She was very interesting and has a beautiful warmth about her. She has a real passion to help people learn to play better without being technical. She accomplished that!

A Great Mentor

From my experience, I believe that the Moxie Golf Academy would benefit any level of golfer. Barb can help a new golfer get started on the right foot, help a mid-handicapped golfer and also a good golfer improve with her Process and Psychological advice. I believe she would be a great mentor for up and coming LPGA Players.

Our third and final day was spent playing the beautiful Quarry Course. What a way to end my time there. The holes around the Quarry are amazing! But watching Barb play was a treat in itself!

The words of her book were brought to life during my Moxie Golf Academy experience. Now when I read it, I can hear her saying it. It means so much more having heard her say and demonstrate the Process. Above and beyond the Process, the chapters on the psychology of golf helped me to over come the doubt I had experienced.

I am so glad that I found the Moxie Golf Academy. I met a professional player and teacher but left having made a new friend. With Barb’s encouragement I now believe my goal of breaking the ten-handicap barrier is attainable. It truly was a golfer’s dream! I can’t wait to go back again! – Beth

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