Future Concept for the NEW Moxie Golf Academy Website

Future Concept for the NEW Moxie Golf Academy WebsiteI am so excited about the new Moxie Golf Academy Website!!!  The new design is fresh and easy to maneuver around to find what you are looking for.  The new website also has great pictures and information about myself, the Moxie Golf Academy programs, success stories, inspiration and Black Diamond Ranch.  There are also books, booklets and videos that are available to all golfers that can be viewed for free, ordered through Amazon or purchased on the website and downloaded.

I am also excited about the future concept and plans for the Moxie Golf Academy website.  My goal is to make it an informative and educational website.  I want to introduce ideas and strategies through subsequent writings and videos that will help golfers have more freedom, efficiency and simplicity in their golfing experience.

So the books, booklets and videos that are available now are just the launching pad for the future!

Paralysis From Analysis?

I sincerely believe that most golfers have been given too much information and now they face “paralysis from analysis” because they are thinking too much.  I want to introduce information that will free-up golfers to play this great game with ease and enjoyment.  I also want to educate golfers on how they can play golf with confidence, competence and control.  My next project will be a video and booklet on the CHIPPING YIPS.  There are so many golfers who face this malady along with the putting YIPS.  So I am going to present information that will bring freedom to golfers who struggle with this debilitating dis-ease.  After that there will be information on how to work with “PROCESS” to play each shot on the golf course instead of being bound up with mechanics.

Just the beginning…

These two new projects are just the beginning.  I am also going to be imparting new revolutionary information on how golfers can improve their brain function and consequently improve their golf games.  So stay tuned to new booklets, videos and books on the new Moxie Golf Academy website that will help you be better informed to play golf with greater satisfaction and success!

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