A New Innovative Moxie Golf Academy Website

I am very excited to announce the launch of the new innovative Moxie Golf Academy Website!

A New Innovative Moxie Golf Academy WebsiteThe new Moxie Golf Academy website features educational and enlightening videos and writings to help every level of golfer. The new videos and writings about the putting YIPS, Anchorless putting and the Moxie Golf Process will help to set a precedent in making golf simple, finding solutions for difficult issues and inspiration for every golfer.

All of these offerings bring insight and knowledge into how our human brain functions and how to access it effectively to play golf with more freedom and athleticism. The educational pieces provide an explanation for the cause of the putting YIPS and a process to cure them. In addition the new tools will provide creative thought into how to work with ourselves from the inside out to manage and find better results in our golf experiences.

Some of the products are free for viewers to download and others can be purchased at the website’s new Pro Shop.

Also on the website is information about the Moxie Golf Academy that is held at Black Diamond Ranch in Lecanto, Florida. You can check out all the golf programs offered and find the one that will best fit you in taking advantage of the excellent instruction by Barb Moxness and Staff.

This is just the beginning of this innovative website.

My goal is that the website will be informative and school golfers on how to fix the paralyzing and puzzling issues they face, that it will stimulate golfers to think about a distinctively refreshing process and bring each viewer hope that anything is possible.

Stay tuned for more great features coming to the new Moxie Golf Academy Website!

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