Yips Defeated!

Today I am writing about some things that I hope will be helpful to all  that read this Blog.  I want to share with you some comments  by a reader who had been fighting the yips for over 10 years. Upon reading my new book, Golf From the Inside Out, she wrote the following:

“This is without a doubt the most helpful golf book I have read!  At first I was a little skeptical about how realistically Tthe author’s  ideas on simplifying the golf swing could actually apply to my game.  As a single digit handicap golfer, I was convinced that scoring lower could only come with better swing mechanics.  Truth is, the more videos I watched and the more perfectly I tried to swing, the worse I played.  My mind had become so full of “swing thoughts” that I would actually freeze up while trying to hit the shot.  Forget putting and chipping, I had mechanically worked my way into the full-blown yips.  I was frustrated and desperate to either find some lasting help or quit playing altogether.  I feel lucky and blessed to have found this book!  The sensible and intuitive “Moxie” process explained in “Golf From the Inside Out” literally saved my golf game…I am now applying the “Moxie” process to my entire game and am playing better, more confident, fun golf.  The ideas and lessons in this book are refreshing and have truly been a Godsend to me.”

Those are the kind of reviews the book is receiving and I am excited about the results it is producing.  One lady dropped 21 shots on her next round after reading the book.

Over the course of the next weeks I am going to give you a taste of this new book and some insight into what is possible for each reader.  Stay tuned to insights into golf from GOLF FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

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