Encouraging Results

My new book, GOLF FROM THE INSIDE OUT,  has been out for about a month.  It has gotten good reviews and results but I must say I am a bit overwhelmed with the impact that it is having.   When I first started to write the book I wrote in the Preface, “When I started this writing project I asked myself a couple of questions.  Why write this book when there are so many golf books already on the market?  Can this book really make a difference in the golf games and in the lives of its readers?  Will anyone dare read a book that looks at golf differently?…None the less, I felt compelled to write this book because I know the principles in it are valid…I felt compelled to write because I believe that this is an inspired message to bring to golfers that can transform their golf games and even their approach to life.”  Well I must say this book is making a difference already even in the short time it has been published.  That is confirming and gratifying to me that I was going in the right direction when I wrote it.

I write all of this now because of the results that I am seeing.  One of the students that read the book just won a tournament after dealing with self-doubt and paralysis for many years.  She has now found a process she can play with in any situation and gaining confidence and enjoyment in her game.

As a teacher, I believe, I hold a responsibility to help my students.  If I don’t see results then I am not doing my job well.  I am so grateful that I can see good results based on the teaching methods in this new book.  It has worked for me and I am excited to watch it work for others who read about it.

I would look forward to hearing more stories and experiences from you who have read GOLF FROM THE INSIDE OUT.  My hope is that it will continue to be a positive impact on golfers everywhere.

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